Sifu John Keefe trained in Tai-Chi with Master Sifu Mark for over 10 years and has learned all his Tai-Chi forms (Simplified, Combined and Sword and 8 piece Brocade).

Master Bow Sim Mark
is the director and founder of the Chinese Wu Shu Research Institute in Boston. She studied Yeung style Tai-Chi, Wu style Tai-Chi, and Combined Tai-Chi Chuan from some of the most famous masters in China.
After completing the Standard Set of courses of Chinese Wu-Shu, Master Mark became an instructor herself. She later followed the authoritative Master of Tai-Chi Chuan in China, Master Fu Wing Fay, to learn the Wu-Dang System of Wu Shu (Sun and Fu style Tai-Chi; Pa-Kua; Hsing-Yi, and weapons) for another ten years.
Many fine students have been trained by Master Mark, her son Donnie Yen (movie star, acting in movies such as Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon Hero, Ip Man and Drunken Master), and well known Wu Shu champion and teacher Nick Gacenin. In 1973. She has lectured and/or taught classes in Chinese Wushu at many colleges and universities, she currently instructs at the Boston University.
At the first International Tai Chi Chuan and Sword Demonstration in 1984 in Wuhan, China, she was awarded a gold medal for her Combined Tai Chi Chuan. In 1994 and 1996 she was inducted into Inside Kung-Fu's Hall of Fame as the "Women of the Year". One of the most remarkable reasons for her greatness is her detail in performing and teaching her art.

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