Curriculum of KMA

Keefe’s Martial Arts Theory
What We Teach

KMA has two programs, Tai Chi and a style of martial arts KMA calls "Dynamic Fist Law". It is a combination of Traditional Martial Arts and Street Defense (taught separately) in the same course (classes).

TAI CHI - This course is designed for the student who wants to learn martial arts for health and fitness. It is a traditional martial art that focuses on internal strength, balance, and flexibility that can be done at any age and more specifically for older students that want to learn a low impact workout that can be done through their senior years.


The Traditional - "Martial Arts"
Learning the traditional martial arts is learning the art of martial arts that builds focus, discipline, concentration along with learning the foundation of the fundamentals of how to punch, block, kick and move. The student also learns the history and respect of the martial arts. The style utilized is mostly Karate, but also taught is Kung Fu, Kenpo and traditional weapons. The focus is on forms (katas) in this training.

Street Defense - "Martial Fighting"
Street Defense is a combination of learning techniques for various self defense situations utilizing the styles of Kenpo and Jujitsu against punches, grabs and even weapon attacks. Taught along side this is learning the more offensive styles of Boxing, Taekwondo, and various other martial arts techniques and training methods for squared off situations. This builds a well rounded martial artist.

Tournaments - "Martial Sport"
The focus of KMA is not on tournament training. However, if a student is interested in competing, the school has vast experience in tournaments, from directing numerous tournaments sponsored by the school, to having students place in prestigious tournaments around New England. Furthermore, Sensei Keefe is a judge, yearly, for black belt divisions in nationally rated tournaments.

DYNAMIC FIST LAW - Is the system of martial arts that you learn that you get ranked in (White Belt to Black Belt). This includes having to learn and memorize forms (kata). It's a street defense system that also includes learning traditional martial arts.

We also teach a course:

KMA ON GUARD - It’s the same system except learning and memorizing forms are not required. You are not tested or ranked in this system. It is a system that focuses on street defense and fitness. 

1-5 Hiean
Basai Dai, Empi, Kanku Dai, Gankaku

Other Styles/Systems
Cat 3, Circle of the Tiger - Nick Cerio's Kenpo
Honsuki - Kenpo
Kata 1 - Oki Ryu Kenpo

Yi Lu Mai Fu - Long Fist Kung Fu
Er Lu Mai Fu - Long Fist Kung Fu
Lin Wan Kune - Sil Lum Kung Fu

Kama - Kanigawa No Nicho Gama
Tonfa - Matsu Higa No Tonfa
Sai - Matsu Higa No Sai
Bo - Shushi No Kon Sho

Bo - Cerio No Kon Sho
Nobanu - Don Rodrigues

(Right Hand Stick) Staff - Wah Lum Kung Fu
Continuous Broad Sword - Wah Lum Kung Fu

Kenpo defense techniques
Ju-Jitsu defense techniques
Reflex Drills
Boxing and TKD offensive combinations and drills

Point Sparring
Sport Karate combinations and strategies
Tournament Forms
Individualized or Traditional forms training

Simplified Ta Chi (24 Movement, Yang Style)
Combined Ta Chi (Developed by the Physical Culture and Sports Commission of China
Tai Chi Sword (Yang Style)
Eight Section Brocade

Basai Dai, Empi, Kanku Dai, Lin Wan Kune, Cat 3, and all Japanese weapon forms taught to John Keefe by Professor Nick Cerio.

Statue of Crane, 2 Man Fist Set, 1-6 Kata taught to John Keefe by Master Paul Taylor.

Wah Lum Kung Fu forms and and Choy Li Fut forms taught to John Keefe by a student of Wah Lum Kung Fu (Kevin) last name is lost.

Kenpo and Ju-Jitsu techniques taught John Keefe by Paul Taylor, revised and added to by Professor Nick Cerio and John Keefe.

Taekwondo taught to John Keefe by Bill Keefe student of Bruce McCorry student of Jhoon Rhee.

Ta Chi taught to John Keefe by Master Bow Sim Mark.

Parker Kenpo and Oki Ryu Kenpo taught to John Keefe by Don Rodrigues

Certified Black Belts

Kenpo Karate Lineage

Tai Chi Lineage